The Local Interface (LI)

The LI complements the work with Capstan4 and C3-Obi. It is typically installed in agency offices to receive Baplie files from terminals, owners and vessels for further processing. Other typical LI users are small terminals and focal points. They normally receive bookings from the agencies, which they feed via text file or manually into the LI. Through "Drag & Drop" a ship can be loaded easily and a Baplie file can be sent to the vessel, agent and or operating centre.


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The LI contains the following features:

  • Reads/writes Baplie files in all versions
  • Displays and prints the bayplan
  • Creates loading lists
  • Supports simple planning through "Drag & Drop"
  • Import/export CSV files
  • Sorting functions for all fields

The Vessel Description Module (VDM) for the LI specifies the profile of each individual vessel. Thus the Local Interface is not tied up to our products, but can be used individually. Capstan or C3-Obi vessel descriptions are compatible with the Local Interface.