First-class stowage preplanning system

To achieve optimal voyage, your Capstan4 planning tools include:

  • Continuous validation of stability, strength and all other parameters
  • Interfaces to fuel saving programs, as fuel saving starts in planning
  • For easy data exchange, a great number of file formats and EDI messages are supported for import and export, including BAPLIE, MOVINS, IFTDGN, TANSTA and a couple of other formats - in case some special format is requested, we offer quick extensions at competitive rates
  • Automatic check of dangerous goods segregation according to IMDG code
  • The crane split visualization gives valuable feedback on expected operating times in ports depending on the number of cranes
  • Lashing calculations provide detailed information on forces affecting a container - giving you full situation awareness
  • The integrated reporting gives access to all data concerning the voyage; it creates management and other reports for further data
  • With Capstan4, you are always master of the situation - the Capstan4 "merge" functionality allows for reading final departure bayplans without losing any of your own information - it becomes easy to track all differences between your initial plans and those operations finally preformed by the terminal

For easy integration into the office environment, Capstan4 is available for both server-based and standalone installations for Windows.


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With Capstan4 software and its internal database all information are in one place to manage a whole voyage. Planning ahead for all ports of the voyage becomes an easy task, as Capstan4 always considers a voyage as a whole and provides fast switching among the different situations and/or ports. Thus the expected condition of the ship at any point of the voyage can be reviewed easily or even arrival and departure conditions can be compared side by side.

Connected to a MS-SQL database it is the first time a central planning software is interlinked to a schedule with arrival and departure dates and times. For easy consolidation of bookings, Capstan Forecast Booking Module consolidates all sorts of booking messages be it CSV separated, COPRAR and others thus reducing administration and allow planners to do for what they are paid for: Planning.

Overall, Capstan4 gives easy control of a whole voyage, a very cost efficient preplanning combines with maximum utilization of the vessels.

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More about Capstan4

The new Capstan4 Control Center (C4CC) offers an improved synchronization mechanism, which does the job quietly in the background. The data base is updated whenever changes have been made or in time intervals. All new voyages will be initiated through the OpsDB. There is one central OpsDB for all planners around the globe. It can be accessed through the web browser, from the C4CC or from within the application and is easy to use through its self-explaining User Interface. The M+B OpsDB holds all operational relevant data i.e.

  • Container types including mapping table
  • Port location and terminal codes
  • Complete UNLO-Code
  • Cargo operator codes
  • Edifact headers
  • Vessel description incl. bunker consumption table
  • Schedule patterns
  • Gate data (for automatic delivery of incoming files) and gate log
  • User Administration
  • The actual voyage with all booking data
  • The archive

No doubt, this makes Capstan4 more user friendly, easier to administer and through its MSQL Database easy to extend with more features.

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